I like to joke around that I’ve been reading Stephen King since I crawled out of my mother’s womb, and that’s not far from the truth.  I remember reading the Talisman when I was nine, and IT when I was ten. Both of them hold a special place in my heart. That being said, I absolutely love The Dark Tower series. It’s my all-time favorite book series, and a few of the individual novels have made my “top ten” list (Wizard in Glass, Wolves of the Calla…).

So you can imagine my excitement to hear that a movie is finally happening.  I have been waiting for this to happen for, oh, I don’t know… since I was born? So let’s talk a little bit about what we can expect from the movie itself.


Release Date:  Originally, it was said that the first of the movies would be released to the big screen on February 17th, 2017.  I have just read that the release date is getting bumped to the summer, though.  Right now, it looks like we can expect the movie on July 28th, 2017.  I know where I’m going to be. Do you?

Who plays Roland, our fabled Gunslinger?:  Probably the most important casting choice of the series is Roland Deschain. So who will pick up his mantle and bring his character to life? Idras Elba will be starring as the last of the gunslingers, and personally, I think it’s a great choice.  There’s been some back-and-forth on whether it was a good casting call to cast a black man to portray the originally white “honky mofo” that fans have long adored.  The biggest criticism has been that the racial tension that existed in the books between Detta Walker (eventually Susannah Dean) and Roland will no longer exist.  We have to remember, though, that The Drawing of the Three was published in the late 80’s, when racial tension was more prominent than the present day.  Idras Elba manages to bring all the mysticism and rugged manliness to the table that Roland is known for.

Susannah? Eddie?: Actually, here’s the thing. The movie doesn’t follow the same timeline as the books.  So we’re probably not going to see this happy duo make a debut in the movie. Unfortunately.  Hopefully the next movie will have great actors to portray them. Personally, I would love to see Aaron Paul play Eddie. For those of you who aren’t up to date on actor names, Aaron played Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad.

Jake Chambers:  Tom Taylor is set to play Roland’s “adopted son”, Jake Chambers. I’m excited for this choice, though I have to admit that I know very little about the actor himself. From the images on the web, though, it looks like a good choice for the eleven year old boy that first meets Roland in The Gunslinger.

The Man in Black:  The Man in Black fled across the desert and the Gunslinger followed.  This iconic line is so important to the story; both the beginning and end. There are rumors that the movie will start with this exact line, actually.  But who is playing Walter O’dim? Matthew McConaughey is returning to the big screen to bring this ageless villain to life.

For fans who have followed the Dark Tower Series since it’s beginning, this is an exciting time.  Personally, I can’t wait to see what spin the directors, Nikolaj Arcel and Ron Howard, will give the movie.

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