Friends and Resources

Hi guys! If you enjoy my site, I have a few more that I know you’ll enjoy just as much. Some are resources, some are blogs from my fellow authors. Enjoy them!

MythicalUnicorn.com: This is my favorite site for world-building. Full disclosure, I spend like 5+ hours a week on it. Or a day. Depends on the day. You’ll never lose track of any important information again though, there’s that. Oh, it’s free for the moment, and it’s PRETTY.

Kaitlynbooks.com: Author site from my BFF, Kaitlyn Meyers, the author of the Afterlife Series. If you like supernatural urban fiction, this is the right series for you. If you don’t, don’t worry, she’s still the right author. She likes tacos.

Manifestize.com – A newly formed site, but still great, that talks about personal growth and ways to incorporate different levels of understanding into all areas of your life. It’s pretty awesome.

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