The Warriors of Valishna – Explore the World of Cartharia

In the world of Cartharia, the seasons never change. If you live in a spring state, you’ll spend your entire life enjoying the warm sun, the occasional rain, and the light breezes that toy with your hair. If, however, you have the misfortune of being born in a winter state, you’ll soon become tired of the constant snows and the freezing temperatures.

In Eastern Cartharia, there are several large kingdoms, all with their own set of struggles. A lot of kingdoms have their wealth and resources dictated by the unwavering weather patterns. For example, if you were born to a summer state, you’ll know what hunger feels like. The hot, desperate temperatures parch the land, making it difficult to raise crops or animals. Meanwhile, autumn states are nearly perfect. They’re covered in forests where animals like to roam and where food likes to grow.

In Cartharia, dreaming is a rarity. When one enters a dream, they are considered to be blessed with prophecy. Many wars have been fought over someone closing their eyes and entering this special phenomenon.

The one thing that all the people of Eastern Cartharia have in common is the twin moons that rise high in the night sky. Wherever you are, whatever kind of kingdom you belong to, you can always look up and see the two round orbs emitting a faint, pale light. Some say this light has the ability to control otherwise untempered beasts. But that’s just a rumor, right?

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