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The Yellow House on Sunshine Street

A boy who’s world is shattered by his father’s death.  A monster that only children can see.  Friendship. Courage.  Fear. The Yellow House on Sunshine Street takes a long look at horror and the things that frighten us.  Follow Kit and his friends as they embark on a mission to save their small hometown from a cruel creature that stalks the most innocent of victims.



What happens when a heroin junkie kid can’t give up his nasty little habit? What happens when a wealthy woman begins a cat-and-mouse game that promises to end in death? Will Christopher Ascalon rise above his addictions to save his life — and that of his wife and child?


A group of scientists have discovered a planet with livable conditions. On an exploration, they discover other humans, humans that are still living in the prehistoric era of cavemen and women.  Tensions grow tight as religion, politics, and human nature come into play, dictating what will happen to this primitive people and the scientists who discovered them.

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