Category: Vignettes

Vignettes are some of my most special pieces. These complete stories are based on things I’ve seen in real life, or purely fictional scenarios I’ve dreamed in my head. Do you have any short stories you’d like for me to publish? Send me an email at me@spencermccoy.com and let’s talk about what we can feature!

The Ring

I remember a bag being stuck over my head as I was led barefoot out of the building and into the ring. I had seen the ring before, of course. It was large and spacious and could sit thousands. There were at least that many there that day, all gathered together. All gathered for me. The bag was itchy. That...

The City Lights

His lips taste of stale beer and cheap cigarettes. They press against mine, tempting, teasing. After a few minutes of the usual tongue-to-tongue tussle, I turn my face away. His mouth moves down my neck, pausing at my clavicle.  He gives it a tiny nip and then continues down till he’s kissing at my breasts. His hands join in and...

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