Category: Novel Excerpts

Novel Excerpts contain some of the sneak peaks into what I’m currently working on. I’m looking to share these bits with the world and am always welcome to some critical feedback!

Dreams – Counterparts, Part I

Kiran Aldrich opened his eyes and looked around. The place he saw looked like home, but he knew it wasn’t. There wasn’t enough light. Everything was overcast, and shadows licked the buildings near where he stood. He took a hesitant step forward and then glanced down at his hands.

The Child – Hero, Part II

“Perhaps,” Marcus said. She turned to Breanna, “Get me a horse.” “You can’t be thinking of going out there?” Marcus said. “Why not?” “It could be a trap,” Marcus said. “It could be,” Phaera said. “It matters little. If there’s a child hurt, I have to investigate.” “Then send someone else,” Marcus said. “Send men to do a job that...

The End of a War – Hero, Part I

The wagons were loaded down with supplies, loot, and injured soldiers. On occasion, one would get stuck in the mud, and the troops would have to stop and dig the wheel out. When the war had first started, this had been cause for a lot of sore attitudes, but the war was over, and the soldiers were glad to be...