Book Cover: The Warriors of Valishna
Part of the The Warriors of Valishna series:
  • The Warriors of Valishna

A new power is rising.

The Black King, Richard Sullivan, has declared war on the kingdom of Arinford: the first war in centuries. He has shown the world his strength by destroying Valishna, killing thousands of people and razing the Arinford city to the ground. He rules a much larger kingdom and the military he commands grows daily with fanatical supporters.

Meanwhile, the once-tranquil Arinford is defenseless, with little and less in military structure. They must find a way to defend themselves and strike back against the Black King before it's too late. With a few whispered words, the command is given to turn the ancient magic they use for healing into a cold, calculated weapon that can take down even the strongest of foes.

Matilyn Malevus stands at the heart of the Arinford Guard. Rumors say the gods have chosen her themselves to lead the fight against Sullivan and his zealots. Aided by the few friends she escaped Valishna with, she must lead a ragtag team of soldiers deep into enemy territory.

Forced to cope with situations they never before imagined, these priests-turned-soldiers must deal with their wavering faith, their longing for their loved ones, and the finality of death that lurks around every corner. Their lives are complicated, but their mission simple: kill Sullivan and destroy Lamonte.

Yet, this war is about more than sword fighting and magical prowess, more than prophecies and politics, more than love and loss.

The Warriors of Valishna is a story about deception, madness, and morality. It is a story about the Greater Good and the need for revenge. It is about Matilyn Malevus and her role in Sullivan's victory or defeat. But can she bear the weight of the war? Or will she crumble under the consequences of her command?